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The co-writer and I both know victims of abuse. This song is for them. It's about the slow process of healing.

Lyric Credits: Donna Opfer and Anita Lin
Music Credits: Donna Opfer and Anita Lin
Producer Credits: Galen Breen, Gator Hole Studios
Publisher Credits: Dream Power Music & Kitchen Entertainment
Performance Credits: Jason Eustice, Vocalist



She hates the color yellow
She wears a lot of black
Left home the day she turned eighteen
Tried not to look back
But when her boyfriend holds her
She turns on the lights
He sees tears she isn’t crying
Something’s just not right

And the walls came down on the day her daddy died
When the boyfriend asked why, why she hadn’t cried

She took him down a quiet lane
To the house where she grew up
Showed him her old bedroom
Painted bright like the sun
And there she told her secret
The one she’d kept inside
Then her tears started coming
That’s when he learned why

The walls came down on the day her daddy died
After all those years of broken nursery rhymes

She hates the color yellow
She’d love to just move on
But she can’t snap her fingers
And have all those memories gone
It’s gonna take forgiveness
And maybe in time
She’ll find a happy ending
To this broken nursery rhyme

Today she placed white daisies on her daddy’s grave
Maybe one day she won’t have to say

She hates the color yellow.

©2004 Donna Opfer, Dream Power Music/Anita Lin, Kitchen Entertainment