Studio Work

It has been many years since I have released a full CD, but working in the studio last summer to complete the single Jack Sh*t reignited the desire to continue work on my sophomore project. My coproducer and engineer extraordinaire, Lori Cassidy, has been working hard at Green Door Studios to put together most of the music on the songs I have chosen for the CD. This project is sounding Country/Americana with some R&B tones in a couple of the songs. 

It isn't easy to put together a CD of 10-12 songs when I have written so many over the past decade. Sometimes I like a song that I think no one else would care for, or I decide to not include a song that friends and family tell me I have to put on the CD. 

If there is a song you have heard me perform live and you would like me to put it on this CD, drop me a line.

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